The History of Kick-A-Thon

Kick-A-Thon was conceived in 1994.  The original intent was to raise funds for the Drill Team.  The idea was to pledge money "per kick."  The next step was to ask community members, parents, friends, and others to "partner" with the Drill Team as they formed an extended kick line and kicked 100 times.  It was such a great success, the Drill Team made more money than was needed.

In an effort to give back to the community, the Drill Team looked for an organization to donate the extra money to. Buck Drach, the coach of the Football Team, suggested the American Cancer Society.  At the time, Rose Drach, Buck's wife, was battling a rare form of sinus cancer.  Rose was a special education teacher at St. Charles High School and her fighting spirit was an inspiration to all that knew her.  The decision was easy; the donation would go to the Fox Valley Chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Kick-A-Thon has become a community event that now combines the efforts of both St. Charles North and St. Charles East High School Drill Teams.  Over the past 19 years, the two schools' joint effort have raised over $600,000 in the fight to kick cancer.  In 2012, the Drill Teams were able to donate nearly $82,000 to the Fox Valley Chapter of the American Cancer Society and to Living Well Cancer Resource Center in Geneva, IL. 

Advisory Board

  • Susan Aguilar
  • Kathy Allegretti
  • Kari Batka  
  • Ann Byington
  • Nancy Deppe  
  • Jane Drennen  
  • Carole Durall  
  • Ann Dvorak  
  • Robyn Flinn  
  • Sue Fogarty  
  • Lisa Pinto  
  • Julie Small  
  • Shirley Wehking